About Me

So incase you wanted to know a little more about me ...

" I'm a PHP and JavaScript
Web Developer "

I'm enthusiastic about using technology to solve problems in an innovative and efficient way. Because of this, I recently caught the entrepreneurial bug and cofounded a social product discovery website called Curate.

If I look familiar, I'm guessing you may have seen me at a number of entrepreneur or developer meetups. Next time, come say hi!

If you can't find me networking and upskilling at meetups, you'll find me frenetically coding away behind an array of monitors (like a scene out of The Matrix) or reading all the latest and greatest in the web-world.

For the tech-minded folks, I'm proficient in PHP (Laravel & Silverstripe), JavaScript (React & Backbone.JS, jQuery), CSS3 (Sass & Less) and HTML5, Chrome Devtools, Gulp.js, Webpack and RequireJS.